FoSaMed – Enhancing Food Safety in the Mediterranean

24th February 2023, 11:00-13:00 CET


In the framework of WP3, the FoSaMed project organises a Training of Teachers (ToT) whose aim is to build capacities and to improve scientific and technical knowledge exploitable on the labour market. After a series of webinars and on-site workshops, which you can read more about here, FoSaMed announced a new online training workshop focused on Virtual Exchange.

Many universities in Europe and globally are exploring tools and methods that can guarantee students’ ongoing engagement and their active participation online, as well as complementary ways to provide them with an intercultural and international experience, in addition to physical mobility, and with the transversal competences and soft skills much required today by the labour market. One approach that can help deliver online learning is Virtual Exchange (VE), a distinctive e-solution to enable deep, interactive intercultural learning through online facilitated discussions.

The training workshop briefly introduced VE, to then present examples of Virtual Exchange, and how it can provide an accessible, ground-breaking way for students to engage in intercultural learning through the use of technology, while developing employability and other crucial transversal and soft skills as well as enhancing Internationalisation at Home. In the second part of this training workshop, participants were asked to work in groups to lay out the ideal VE scenario in their own institutional and Across contexts.

The event was conducted by colleagues from the FRAMES project – Fostering Resilience through Accredited Mobility for European Sustainable HE innovation. You can know more about the project HERE

Additional readings

Scenarios for the integration of Virtual Exchange. The report was created by the FRAMES consortium and it describes potential scenarios of integration and accreditation of Virtual Exchange (VE) in Higher Education, including challenges and opportunities, and cases illustrating how VE has been implemented within the educational offer of HEIs. The report is publicly available here:

Toolkit for Integrating Virtual Exchange in Higher Education. The toolkit provides key information, inspiration, tools and case examples of the approaches that HEIs can take to integrate and accredit VE. The tools, worksheets and additional resources can also be accessed through this website: