FoSaMed – Enhancing Food Safety in the Mediterranean

During the International Conference on Food Safety in the Mediterranean held at the premises of IBN Tofail University on November 29-30, the representatives of the Fosamed’s partner universities and the associated partner Fenagri signed three cooperation agreements aimed at creating a sustainable international cooperation network.

The aim of these cooperation agreements is to encourage scientific cooperation and promote cooperation beyond the end of the project. They are intended to underpin the creation of a collaborative network, which carries out continuous actions and projects keeping the Master’s degree on Food Safety alive and launching additional actions after the project’s lifetime.

The educational network on Food Safety commits to spread educational initiatives and internationalisation in Morocco, as well as to create opportunities to attract other funding resources and students.

The first agreement is signed between the Moroccan partner universities, while the second agreement includes the European partners as well. The agreements turn around 3 main pillars: research, advocacy and promotion of the Master’s.

A third agreement is signed between the four Moroccan partners and FENAGRI – the associated partner of the Fosamed project. The partners and FENAGRI agree that synergies must be created with the agri-food sector to take advantage of the project’s results and ensure their sustainability, in particular supporting the access of the Master’s students to the labour market.

The agreement is intended to transform academic knowledge in competent workforce. FENAGRI is a crucial element of the educational network because the academia must adapt to the needs of the local agri-food industry so that the acquired skills can be exploited on the labour market.