FoSaMed – Enhancing Food Safety in the Mediterranean


In this section the project results foreseen by the FoSaMed work plan are made available.

Project Management Handbook

The Handbook illustrates the management and reporting procedures to be followed by the consortium.

Needs Assessment Report & Curricula Evaluation Report

This report explains the results of the survey of needs assessment to explore the Food Safety sector, including Moroccan HEIs, and stakeholders, and identify their needs and existing gaps. Staff expertise, facilities and conditions of the four Moroccan HEIs involved is analysed to further identify needs and gaps. The reported results are used to plan and design the new joint Master Programme.

Quality Assurance Plan

The Quality Plan refers to the internal quality evaluation, including the evaluation of the project’s goals, objectives, strategies, and timelines; the assessment of the impact, risk management, results.

Dissemination Plan

The Dissemination Plan describes the dissemination objectives, the target group for the project, a plan and strategy for dissemination activities and an indication of dissemination tools and products to be designed

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