FoSaMed – Enhancing Food Safety in the Mediterranean

On June 23, 2022, the FoSaMed project and its Master on food safety were presented during the seminar organized by the Association of Engineers Laureates of the ENA of Meknes, partner of the project.

The presentation of the master was possible thanks to the support of the Group Les Conserves Nora, Meknes, which sponsored the organization of this seminar. Founded in 1930, Le Groupe Conserves Nora is part of one of the main Moroccan agri-food groups. It is present on both the Moroccan and international market.

The event was a valuable opportunity for the graduates of the ENA of Meknes, who are today managers and directors of several Moroccan agri-food companies, to be made aware of the importance of this master’s degree and to ensure their involvement in the internship reception of master’s students. To this end, the Les Conserves Nora Group has reaffirmed its commitment to collaborate with the FoSaMed ENA Meknes team for the success of this master’s degree.

Moreover, FoSaMed was illustrated during an international congress that took place in Granada, Spain. ENA presented a work on the characterization of the nutritional quality of Moroccan pomegranate and a mention to the FoSaMed project was key.

Finally,  the local journal AgromActus published an article to announce the accreditation of the FoSaMed Master’s Degree in food safety. Enjoy the reading!

Un nouveau Master à L’Ecole Nationale d’Agriculture de Meknès