FoSaMed – Enhancing Food Safety in the Mediterranean

Modern Food Safety Labs

Fosamed inaugurated modern food safety labs in each Moroccan partner institution to be used in the framework of the Master’s Degree.

The new food safety labs are meant to be intensively used both for teaching and learning (by teachers and students), as well as for research and further activities and services to the local communities (by researchers).

Each Moroccan partner university was equipped with computers and additional lab equipment in order to facilitate online classes: video projector, video conferencing tools, cameras and microphones.

The idea was to train local staff from the four Moroccan Universities to autonomously manage the Master’s on Food Safety over time. Along with the training of academic staff, the labs allow students to benefit from hand-on sessions and practical activities.

In order to grant to the country a higher coverage of skills, each is specialized in one field and these labs are equipped along with this specialization. This grants future Moroccan students the opportunity to study in one or another university depending on the specialization they are interested in.



Agronomic and Veterinary Institute Hassan II


Ibn Tofaïl University


National School of Agriculture


University Mohammed Premier

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